Aircon Engineering, Inc. was established in 1981. Our in-house registered professional engineers are able to design the most cost effective products for each application. With over 80 combined years of experience in the commercial/industrial HVAC, Service, Metal Fabrication and Temperature Control fields.  Aircon Engineering is well equipped to handle your needs.

Aircon Engineering, Inc. uses the latest technology in computer aided drafting and design tools available.  We offer 2D part drawings that are fully detailed and dimensioned.  3D solid modeling is also available to give you a more accurate visualization of your custom part.  This enables you to see exactly what you’re getting prior to costly model and mock-ups being fabricated  Our engineering staff specializes in custom tailoring your design to make it work for you.

Our engineering department offers custom-engineered and fabricated grilles, registers, and dampers to meet your most unique design requirements.

Stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel are just a few of the metals we are able to customize to bring your design to life.  We use CNC laser, punches and formers to transform the metal into the grille, register or part that you desire.  We offer custom prototype work to let you trial fit your design in the field.  We pride ourselves in knowing we can make any design work.  From light sheet to heavy structure.

Aircon Engineering, Inc. offers you the capability to make any grille, damper, diffuser, or custom metal shape to satisfy your requirements.